About breed

Bernese Mountain Dog

It comes from Switzerland. Guarding homesteads, helped by forcing cattle, pulled cartswith milk. Vigilant - guarding the house extremely well, without being aggressive.Currently popular as a companion dog. Friendly and sustainable. Happy staying with people, but to strangers can be suspicious and can keep them at bayStrong, large but not heavy.


Head: Strong and in proportion to the whole building.
Stop: clearly, but not very strongly marked, strong, medium length muzzle.
Teeth: Strong with scissors bite.
Eyes: dark brown, almond-shaped.
Ears: Medium size, triangular, set high, slightly rounded, the flat lying idle, while forced to the front view.
Neck: Strong, muscular, of medium length.
Topline: From the neck down slightly harmoniously to the withers, then straight and level.
Lower line and belly: from the chest gently rising towards the rear limbs.
Back: Strong, straight and level. The mighty trunk.
Croup: gently rounded.
Tail: densely hairy, reaching at least to the hock, hanging at rest, in the amount of trafficcarried on the back or slightly above.
Forequarters: Seen from the front straight and parallel, rather wide apart.
Hindquarters: Seen from behind parallel, not too close.
Lower thigh: Long, forming a distinct angle with the thigh


Hair long, shiny, straight or slightly wavy. Tri-color - black, tan to reddish with white markingson four legs and chest, white tip of tail, blaze and muzzle band. Long tail, luxuriantlyfeathered. Height at withers: dogs: 64 - 70 cm, bitches: 58 - 66 cm. Life expectancy: 8 - 10 years.

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